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Third generation oil burning /engine bog when accelerating.


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2008 accord sedan 2.4 in tech Engine  . oil burning is caused from small whole In the piston ring landing for cylinder pressure equalizing which becomes clogged, and then eventually clogs the rings. Solved by PVC valve misting injection kit, I made the kit myself and used mineral spirits ibuprofen alcohol and water solution. Within two weeks of driving it clean the cylinders pistons and rings and no longer burns oil. Engine bogging and surging During semi hard acceleration. Solved this problem by removing the fuel pressure balancer pod in the injector rail. After removing the fuel pressure pod pop off the back cover it’s plastic there is a Phillips screw in the back get a very good screwdriver and tighten it it’ll move about an eighth of turn. Snap on plastic back cover and reinstall. Footnote I’ve been a mechanic for 39 years and this is my personal car which I purchased new.

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