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Electromotive XDi2 Controller; setting ignition advance curve

Ron Farver

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Has anyone used the Electromotive XDi2 Ignition Controller and WinTEC4 software with their engine?  I have a D15A3 with dual Weber carburetors.  Recently I installed an Electromotive Crank-Fired, Direct-Ignition, Lost-Spart ignition system and I am having a couple of questions.  1) Being carbureted, my engine does not have an ECU or any other sensors.  The WinTEC4 software mandates that I select a MAP Sensor from its list.  My engine doesn't have a MAP Sensor.  How do I set this up?  2) The spark advance table is supposed to be adjustable to get your best tune for your engine.  Every time I try changing values in the table, upon saving, they revert back to the original values.  How do I build my own ignition advance table?  

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