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2008 Honda Fit Sport

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Okay, So i have a 2008 Honda fit sport Manuel.  I'm having a lot of issues getting it to run right.  I've replaced a few sensors, replace the coil packs, and spark plugs, I've cleaned out the throttle body and a few other things.  There is a connector/nipple and the bottom side of the intake manifold that is at a slight angle to the rick that is connect's to another hose that goes into the block itself.  When the car is running it seems to be sucking in too much air and basically makes the hose flat.  But if i disconnect the hose it creates a normal vacuum leak.  If someone has any idea of what this could be or how to fix the issue please either shoot me a text at 919-418-9315 or contact me through email.  Lgfarrington.1999@gmail.com

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