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5th Gen Accord Sound System (WIP)

Which Radio Do You Have In Your Honda?  

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  1. 1. Which Radio Do You Have In Your Honda?

    • Stock/ offered from dealer at time of purchase
    • Replaced it immediately with an aftermarket one
    • Swapped it with another model's radio
    • Swapped it with another trim level/year's radio

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So let me start off by saying that this will be a living document, I will definitely take comments, concerns or anything y'all have to add. Thanks guys!

For organizations sake I have gone here to label the different sections of my ranting...

Stock Speaker Options From 1997

Stock Radios From 1997

Accessories for 5th Gens and Beyond


I thought it was interesting all of the different audio options that Honda offered for the 5th gen Accords (1994-1997) and similar years of Hondas. So I decided to collect all the data I could find to help organize my findings, and maybe include some of your own input! Of course I have included as many of these OEM extra accessories I could get my hands on into my own vehicle, and I have modified them in my own way. So I will include these in here as well.

To get started I will include the stock options that Honda included in their 1997 Accord pamphlet. (Publication number is: Z0712)

LX: 4 X 12.5 watt speakers (4 of them, 1 in each of the front doors and 2 in the rear back)

Wagon: LX: 4 X 12.5 watt speakers (4 of them, 1 in each of the front doors and 1 in each of the rear doors)

LX Rear Speaker       Rear 15 watt LX speakers


EX: 4 X 20 watt speakers (6 of them, 1 in each corner of the dash board, 1 in each of the front doors and 2 in the rear back)

Wagon EX: 4 X 20 watt speakers (6 of them, 1 in each corner of the dash board, 1 in each of the front doors and 1 in each of the rear doors)

20211212_230920.thumb.jpg.f24a851954abb9ceef3931e3dd91fc91.jpg       Stock EX tweeters


These few are some pictures I have taken over the years cataloging my finds, including what appears to be stock in some various vehicles. However I have observed over the years that 1997s do not always come with these speakers but the following replacements, whether they are aftermarket speakers or a dealer special I do not know, and that is where I was hoping one of you could fill in the blank...

My Car's stock speakers        For Example: In my car these came in it originally, and I have seen many a 97 Accord have these in them in the salvage yards.

No Idea What Diff is       I also have came across this variant but I have no idea what the difference is between the two.

20210807_202613.thumb.jpg.708af539a3d0aa91f39de47282493012.jpg20210602_205415.thumb.jpg.3c258e0286cf047fd066d1d8ca8b924f.jpg       The current rears as well as the fronts that replaced the 22-year-old stock speakers.*

I am a big fan of the OEM radios, but I know most of you have long since replaced yours... however I will like to point out the differences in radios through the various trim levels. All of which seem to work just fine running the 6 speaker set up offered in the EXs.

DX* and LX: AM/FM Stereo Cassette player

EX: AM/FM Stereo Cassette player but has an anti-theft feature built in

SE: Includes an AM/FM radio input, but instead of a cassette player built in, it is instead a CD player (A good smart choice by Honda I think) Also includes an anti-theft feature.

Another side note: the Acura CL of 1997-1999 (I believe it is those years correct me if I am wrong) has the same exact radio as the SE trim but it has a different face plate saying "Acura Bose Audio" instead. Since some of these Acuras had stock amplifiers, my money is that the wiring pinouts are slightly different, but it warrants experimentation...


Here I have the possible addons that Honda offered not just for these Accords but for other models as well (As you will see exemplified by these subwoofer upgrades)

Tweeters: Part Number: 08A55-371-010  Installation Instructions Publication No.: All 18597

These were not the tweeters that the EXs were provided with (Even though the process would most likely be very similar), these were offered in several years and models of Hondas, such as the Civic and Prelude. And in each case I believe that they get installed in the doors like in my Accord.

These fun little speakers actually do provide a much more spatial experience, I was pleasantly surprised after the install. The official Honda instructions were followed when I installed them, they can be found in my page with other various instructions by Honda.

Subwoofer Upgrade: Part Number: 08A55-371-210  Installation Instructions Publication No.: All 20442

Also offered in other models of cars, these 60 watt speakers are obviously a great upgrade for any trim, body style or model.

20210821_160857.thumb.jpg.c4d38560d9545816bf8ebf07045b5972.jpg 20210821_160906.thumb.jpg.d650b415a03f6b3aa2dd80b27afb6207.jpg

These were the best audio upgrade I have done so far, impressive base even by today's standards. (My personal favorite songs that truly take advantage of these speakers include Got Your Six and Faster Than The Flame.)

*Was offered only as an addon to the DXs much like cruise control and air conditioning

**Funny story on these speakers, I actually went into the Honda dealer in town and asked them about speaker replacements for my 97 Accord, they then sold me all 4 new speakers for 65 something US dollars. A good deal, but not stock in 1997 that is for sure.

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