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Spool valve affecting Trans?


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When I bought this car, the owner said it needed a spool valve and that was causing the trans to jerk when it shifted. There was a CEL. I didnt notice any jerking, but it did kinda surge between 2nd and 3rd. After driving for awhile, the CEL went out. Maybe I didnt notice it before, but teh third day I had the windows down and moticed the trany was whining like the fluid was low. At one point I had only driven a very short time when the completley slipped out of gear and the engine just revved. After the engine slowed if went back into gear. It has that weird procedure where you have to put it in all gears and them turn it off to check the level. It seems to be fine after adding half a quart but the whining is still there.

Any help would be greatly appr4viated

Thank in advance!

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