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1999 Honda CRV - B20B4 Swapped and possibly different head?

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Hey all,

I recently purchased this CRV and it's got a lot of work I'd like to do on it. The previous owner stated that it was a B20B swap as I understand the CRV usually has a B20Z in it. He also said that they may have swapped the head of the engine, but there's a sticker that says b20b that's on the head so I'm not sure. Anyways - looking at it it's clear that it's not the same as a regular CRV engine.

I'm currently trying to figure out why the fan wont kick on(fuses are good, jumped relay and fan started to spin, gotta track down the fan switch next). They put a Civic radiator inside of it on top of the old CRV radiator, and then ziptied the damn cooling fan to the radiator lol. I'll be getting rid of that civic radiator and the old CRV radiator and doing upper/lower hose, thermostat etc eventually.


So my main questions are - replacing the old CRV radiator in this(probably get cheap one off ebay?) should be fine, correct? And my question that hopefully I can resolve soon - does anyone have any clue what the hell is going on with these vacuum lines?

There's a connection for a vacuum line where 1 is marked. There is airpressure coming out of this when i hold my hand over it, it's quite noticeable.

#2 is clearly just a loop to the air intake. What is this doing??

#3 is just a hose that is connected to absolutely nothing. I can't really feel any suction coming from it or air coming out of it.

Also - the engine does not rev up to the maximum 8k on the RPM gauge. It cuts off around 6k it seems like.

Added a picture of the retarded radiator setup as well. The engine gets pretty hot when it's going up hill/idling in the heat and I think this has to do with the crappy old fans and the fact I don't think they're turning on at all. The A/C does not kick on the secondary radiator fan either and it doesn't seem like the A/C is working at the moment.



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