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P75 Socket & Chip Problems

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I have a stock P75 ecu that I've socketed and chipped myself. Before the socket the ECU ran my JDM b20b perfect and had no issues. Now anytime I load a basemap into the ecu it kicks the car into limp mode. I was wondering if I did anything wrong? 

Heres everything I did:

-  soldered in 28 pin socket

-  soldered C51 & C52 Capacitors

- soldered 74hc373 chip

-  jumped j1

- soldered datalogging port into CN2

- replaced C14 capacitor

- Cut j12 for datalogging

Am I missing something? All the solder points are clean and are not touching any other points.  I'm using crome and a stock P75 basemap. I also am removing the checksum routine before burning the chip. I've attached some pictures.





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