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1997 Honda Accord wagon tuning help

Silas Iron

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I’ll start this off by saying I don’t know much about tuning. A buddy of mine suggested that it needed to be tuned.

I’m having some trouble finding out A place to buy a chipped ECU for my 97 accord. It has the F22B2 engine with VTEC. The car is unfortunately an automatic and any shop I have called says they cannot work with it.  All the internals are stock, but it has a T3 turbokit and straight pipe exhaust. I plan on adding a higher grade fuel pump, injectors, and a wideband sensor. The car was well prepped for the turbo kit and ran just fine before the install. I don’t want to commit anymore than I already have until I know I can get the car tuned. If anyone knows a person I can go to get what is needed that would be amazing! It could be another problem that I’m not considering and any information is helpful! 

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