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2016 Fit R Mirror with LaneWatch Replacement

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Hey guys,

I have fairly limited auto knowledge (I guess its never too late), so any advice you guys can provide would be very much appreciated.

I have a 2016 Honda Fit EX; the other day I was driving to work when I got cut off by a tractor trailer and whacked a construction barrel with my passenger side mirror. Pretty much all of it is broken, though my LaneWatch camera survived perfectly fine. I had taken it to the dealership (I know, they are the devil, but more so I just wanted to see what this would entail so if the quote I got from the dealership was outrageous...and it was, $813.73!) and he sorta gestured how to do it myself, but didn't really explain any of it. How difficult is it and/or is it possible to replace the mirror and attach the current camera to the new mirror assembly? Like can I get a new unit with the spot for the camera built in, but not have to buy a new camera with it? Also, when buying a new unit, does it come with everything it needs, or are other pieces required? I've seen where you can buy individual pieces or components (ie. housing set, skull cap, mirror assembly, base cover), but what exactly do I need to get to have everything to swap out with my broken one?



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