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Honda Civic 10th(FC) Wheels Upgrade. Install 15mm+20mm Wheel Spacers?

Smith Taylor

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Hi everybody,
Today I would like to share something about installing 15mm+20mm BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers for my Honda Civic 10th(FC) with you.


My Honda Civic 10th(FC):
Chassis model: X (FC)
PCD: 5*114.3 mm
CB: 64.1 mm
Thread: M12*1.5 mm


I got them on eBay, took me several days to receive them. I can't wait to install them on my vehicle.
But before you choose the right spacers, you need to measure the thickness data that fit the wheels:


Cleaning the wheel hub:


Much better after cleaning. Now let's get to the installation part:


Since I get the right data, I can install them easily!
Let's take a look:



Fit perfectly, right?



As you guys can see, compared with the original car, it has been greatly improved in appearance and stability.
Thanks for reading!

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2022 Honda Civic Wheel Spacers, What Is The Advantage Of Wheel Spacers?

“The all-new 2022 Civic Sedan is a modern expression of Honda’s human-centered design philosophy.” The arrival of the 11th generation Honda Civic for 2022 spurred us to take a fresh look at the world of compact sedans. The Honda Civic has long been one of the best compact cars, a great swath of buyers of Civic are people who like to make car modifications and upgrades. Many people are interested in the hatchback-car body style of the new Civic. Dream a better appearance to your 2022 Honda Civic or just need to increase the offset of your wheels to solve some space problem on your car? If you are like that, just choose our BONOSS 2022 Honda Civic wheel spacers.



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