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First, I'm a woman, I have been working on cars (minor repairs and maintenance) since I was 11.  I know enough not to do what the idiot who owned the car before me did.  I certainly know enough to at least freaking GOOGLE it before I do something this stupid!

I bought a 2000 Accord V6 Coupe (YES IT IS SUPER FUN! and no it's not the stupid part LOL) for $1000, runs fine, a few issues here and there.  After I buy a car I tune up & flush fluids, check electrical, etc.  As I started to pulled #5 spark plug out I saw a bunch of orange/red stuff, I figured it's a liquid silicone gasket.  Not a huge problem as it seemed to be near the top.  Scraped it off and tried to remove the plug.  I spent 3 hours trying everything I know how to do to get it out.  Still in there, just spins.  They actually put the liquid gasket around the spark plug threads instead of replacing the valve cover gasket and o-rings.  SERIOUSLY!  No, it's not that stuff that says it's a fix for re-threading.  It's actually Permatex or something like it!

ISSUE:  is the plug is stuck in there.  It turns but I think it's stripped or something.  I tried using pliers and pulling and turning to no avail, it won't turn with pliers.

I plan on taking the valve cover off & cleaning off all the gasket, I will rethread it if I have to.  I knew it would have issues for $1000 and the poor gal has really been through some stuff.  I'm actually planning on tricking her out, I've named her Transformher because I plan to transform her, she's been through a hell of a lot and is my project car.  Also for $1000 I figured she's a good learning experience before I dig into one of my well maintained vehicles.    

My idea: to get the plug out - thinking of sacrificing a socket and using a very small amount of Gorilla Glue Epoxy to seal it to the plug so I can pull it out.  I mean a VERY, VERY, VERY small amount, would super suck to expoxy the plug to the well!  Do you guys and gals have any other ideas?  I can flush her fluids & work on some other stuff while I wait for replies.  Thanks so much for your time,  Tabitha B.

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