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How can I stop Honda 2010 buzzing?

I have a nightmare for months.  The car started buzzing, I went to honda garage, they said back off-side sensor is not good. So I bought a new one honda genuine part. Since then it still buzzing in the middle of the night, etc, had all doors and bonnet sensors shortened by a garage, still buzzing, now I need to disconnect the battery overnight or leave the car unlocked. The problem is going for months. I will see Honda man next week again he said he will check on the laptop again... Bloody nightmare! I cannot lock the car just with the key, they activate alarm again!

Honestly as an Honda owner I do feel very much let down! I want all sensors to be removed but I have a feeling this will again leave the car unlocked!!! My previous car was Alfa 156 - absolutely loved that car and it never let me down! (apart from rust, thus I have honda now), I could lock it by a key even is a key battery is low and it does what you expect it to do - locks.

I am at the sage I can kick it every morning, there will always be a reson!!! I cannot even sell it with this problem!

Has anyone any idea what to do about it?

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