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After searching I am a little uncertain. My apologies for asking a dumb questions.

I read that the 95 and later del sols had improved seals.  Am I correct that the front and back seals(attached to the car) were not improved but the window  side seals(attached to the top) are the ones that got improved.  If so then any top, improved or not, will fit on any car?

The reason I ask is because my front and back seals are in excellent condition but the window seals need replacing.  As there appears to be no new seals available I am thinking I can buy off ebay one of the newer tops with improved seals that might be in better shape.

If I am correct in my understanding then my next questions is how can you tell which tops have the newer seals.  I see tops for sale but they never seem to specify what year they are from.

Again, my apologies for asking a newbie question.  I tried to figure it out on my own with no luck.


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