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2008 Odyssey Bad ECU? Code U0155

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I have a 2008 honda odyssey touring with nav. Im getting code U0155 when I hook up my Obd2 scanner.I also have a check transmission and check airbag system notification. Car flashes check engine light 4 or 5 times then goes away on startup.Car runs and drives just fine.instrument cluster functions normally except for not showing what gear i am in but shows im in park on start up then when CEL comes on it dissapears.Im I ran a multimeeter on my OBD2 port on pins 14 and 6 and got 56 ohms i also ran pin 16 to 4 and 5 and got my battery volatage if this help.on my scan tool it does show my vin correctly if thats any useful information

Update- I ran a different setting on my obd2 scanner and i get a code for just about every sensor for the engine and transmission and they all say test not completed during this operation cycle
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