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2019 honda accord sport burned for no reason.


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Hello, I just purchased a 2019 honda accord sport 4 months ago, had less than 5000 miles. I was on the highway and as I was driving, the car caught fire. Sks, honda wont work with me for a replacement, idk what to do. Anyone have any ideas? My insurance is paying for the car, but I lost over 10k in this car. I almost died.. I didnt get hurt because a truck driver saved me. The doors wouldn't open I guess cause the wiring burned and didnt let me open the windows or locks, they said I cannot sue because I didnt get hurt. What bs. What if I had my kids in the car seats in the back, this car went up in a matter of minutes. They would be dead right now. I loved the car, but it's not fair honda wont work with me. I didnt see the fire because I was doing 65 on the highway, and a truck driver said the whole bottom of my car and rear was on fire, he said I'm lucky I didnt explode. Any help in this matter? Or am I taking a lose? I didnt have the option on my insurance to cover stuff or add ons to my car, I didnt think I needed it, car was only 4 months old. 








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