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01 four cylinder accord no crank no start PLEASE HELP!!


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Okay so my 01 accord is doing a no crank no start. No click, nothing, just the fuel pump going when I turn the key. Here is what I know:

The starter, distributor cap, and battery were all replaced just a few months ago for the same exact issue. Problem then was the starter being completely dead. 

The battery has enough charge for the headlights, dome light and dash to kick on, no dimming. 

My neighbor tried to give me a jump (thinking maybe the alternator wasn’t giving charge back to the batter) and still nothing

all the fuses seem fine, the main relay looks fine.

i am at a total loss and in need of some guidance before I break down and fork out money to take it to the shop. Please help me. I literally can not afford a mechanic right now.



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