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2017 Honda Accord Sport Rims


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i am Rhode Island native who had bought a Brand new 2017 Honda Accord with the 19" sport rims package from Saccucci Honda of Middletown, Rhode Island. The vehicle currently only has 28,000 miles on it, never been in an accident or anything along those lines(still under all factory warranties). I have ran into an issue with the wheels making a rubbing metal noise. Just to give you an idea, it is very similar to if you were to need new wheel bearings. Upon hearing the noise, I brought it into my dealer where I purchased it and they had never heard of the issue before. As any professional mechanic would do, they first checked to see if everything was mechanically sound. Because they had never heard of this issue before, they let me drive a different vehicle with the same options, them and I noticed that the issue was happening with this vehicle as well.  On record I have over 8 different documented appointments all associated with this issue. They tried only a few things, such as resealing the rims, changing the weights on the inside of the tire, and even something as simple as inflating and deflating the tires. Finally, they switched out the current tires which were Continental and replaced them with Michelin. This seemed to erase the issue for a couple of months, but here I am again with the same exact issue. The dealer is denying responsibility for the issue and making me contact Honda directly. Honda is also giving me backlash because they claim that this may not be covered under warranty. The only thing that my dealer is offering is an unknown discount on a new set of rims. They are making the consumer, who purchased the vehicle brand new to sattle up more cash to fix an issue that should be handled internally. I personally believe that this is a design issue that should be handle by corporate not by a consumer who just wants a vehicle with years and years of life left to do what its supposed to. I am confident that if more Accord owners were made aware of this issue, that they would hear it to. I recently filed a claim with Honda Customer Relations and they denied my claim stating it is a “characteristic” of the vehicle and that I had every opportunity to hear the noise before I purchased the vehicle(a problem that didn’t exist?). So basically they told me it was my fault that I bought a vehicle with a noise that was not to my liking. I would advise everyone not to buy this vehicle with this rim package. It is an unfixable solution that no one is taking responsibility for, they are allowing customers to spend 30k and be blinded buy an issue that is unfixable unless the consumer spends thousands on a different set of rims/tires.

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