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Please HELP! MY 1998 honda Civic keeps randomly stalling and won't start until 20 minutes later

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Installed New plugs.. Replaced the fuel filter and pump, ignition switch, crankshaft sensor, replaced the MAF sensor and the idle control sensor. Put new throttle body on cleand all that. Cleaned fuel rail and injectors. Checked all batt connections and grounds. Connected the rear O2 sensor on exaust. Valve adjustments. Checked the timing. Reset the computer. Let it run for 10 mins for cpu to learn new changes and everythin.... Still dien at random times!!  any ideas? 

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When it won’t start are you getting a spark at the spark plug? If not maybe one of the distributor components could be to blame? The ignition control module, coil or cap and rotor could all possibly cause no spark and might be worth testing. Also the main relay (PGM-FI) seems to be a common issue.

My sisters crv is currently doing the same thing so if we find a solution tomorrow I’ll let you know what worked for us. Good luck!

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Just replaced the main relay that's up under on the passenger side glove box seems to be doing the trick I took the old one apart and on the inside on the circuit board looks like the number two spot was burnt that goes from the ground to the ignition also you could smell it

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I just bought as 1993 Honda Civic (coupe), and have spent hours and countless efforts in fixing my car from stalling in the middle of nowhere. I replaced the Spark plugs, spark wires, and the ignition coils so far. Also, i'm about to replace the distributor rotor and cap... but am waiting cause i think it might be a fuel issue. I've very baffled as to what exactly it may be because it could be many many things.


please help...



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