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Malfunction Indicator Light comes on every 3 months


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I have a 2007 Honda Accord with 147,000 miles on it.  On December 23, 2018 I finished my shopping (X-mas and household so my car was really full) and got into my car. Started the car and the malfunction indicator light came on. Took the car to my local mechanic; he didn't see anything wrong with my car so he turned off the indicator and it stayed off. On April 23, 2019 I picked someone up from the train. They threw a load of stuff in the back seat, sat in the passenger's side, I started the car and the malfunction indicator light came back on. Went to a different local mechanic for a second opinion. They didn't see anything so they turned off the indicator light and it stayed off until last night. Once again, the car was fine when I turned it off. I loaded the car, started the engine and the malfunction indicator light came on. Why is this happening? Is there too much weight in the car? Is it the weather? Does my car not like the 23rd? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!!!

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