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Broken Down 2001 Honda Civic EX


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If you are reading this, thank you for your time. Any suggestions/comments would be helpful.

Yesterday I was driving my car in town, 2001 Honda Civic EX,  going about 25 mph. Heard a clunk, almost sounded like I had hit a small rock, then battery light and oil light came on. I tried to accelerate, car didn't respond. Lost all power, coasted and was able to make it to a side road safely. The car will turn over but won't start. Lights turned on. Battery is okay. Checked the oil, almost empty. This is obviously a problem.  Previously over 6 months ago, I was losing a bit of oil and we replaced the valve cover gasket. That seemed to have fixed the issue. I am not due for another several hundred miles for servicing. No, I hadn't recently checked the oil and I know better not to go for so long without checking it and it could have been easily preventable. A+ for being an idiot!

No knocking or squealing was heard. No check engine/oil/battery lights came over before incident. Temperature gauge was normal. No Smoke. Nothing. Was running just fine, no signs that there was anything wrong.

I had taken the car the day before, over 200 miles and had it up to 70 mph. Was running like normal. 

I could have two separate issues here. Oil issue and the issue of why it is not starting. The timing belt seems very likely.

Any suggestions on what to look at, test. etc would be very helpful. 

Thank you.

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