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2012 Accord A/C Issue


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2012 Honda Accord, no navigation or on screen controls, buttons only for HVAC.

I checked the diags for the HVAC, no codes, all functions work fine.

The A/C Refrigerant was low, lost side had 10-15 psi, compressor wouldn't stay running. We charged the system but I can't seem to keep the compressor engaged.

When compressor is running:
Low Side: 35-45 PSI
High Side 200 +/- PSI at 90 degrees

When compressor is not running:
Low Side: 65PSI at 90 degrees

When the vehicle is first started, the fans kick on high, compressor engages. The fans stop running and moments later the compressor clutch disengages. The fans will then only come on as the vehicle warms up and are needed for cooling. When they come on for the temp, they are variable speed and function normally.

I jump the relay and the compressor clutch engages but still no fans. I disconnected the pressure switch and got the clutch to stay engaged, fans came on high, the A/C worked fine, Air was ice cold and all functions worked.

After restarting the vehicle, the same problem, I unplugged the pressure switch again and still no change, clutch doesn't engage, fans stay off.

No codes in the HVAC nor the ECU.

What am I missing here?

Appreciate any help you can provide.

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