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Honda Accord Drivers Window Problem


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Hi everybody.... I'm an accord lover.... I've a 2004 and 2005 VTi. They are both immaculate and I keep them in as close to new condition as I can. I service and repair mostly everything I can. I've run into a problem though that I can't seem to fix. Maybe somebody here can advise??

This week I was winding down the driver’s window and when I tried to wind it up it would go up a little but then return to fully open. It wouldn't go back up. It winds back up to about 1/4 way before winding down, even with the up switch engaged. The motor is engaged when rising and lowering. 

I have another Honda Accord same model but 2004. I swapped out the switch unit on the driver’s door, the problem was still there. 

If I grab the window and force it up past (or around) the half way mark, while keeping my finger on the window switch (to close) so as to wind the window up, the window will close. 

If I wind the window down no more than (approximately) 3/4 way down, and stop winding the window down, it will remain in position and when I try to close the window, the window will return to the closed position without a problem. 

The swapping of the switch unit didn't work, does anybody have a notion what might be going on?



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So here is the low down on the problem I had. The problem relates to a safety feature that probably is built into all motorised window systems. As explained in the OP, the window was winding up part of the way and then auto winding back down. I had checked the switches and the motor, both seemed to be working fine. 


So…. I remembered a conversation I had many years ago with a friend about the then “new” safety feature of electric windows and thought that maybe the window was meeting with too much resistance when it was trying to go up. The window was sticking on the old window trim rubber and the system was seeing this as a hand trapped or whatever that would cause it to wind down for safety reasons. 


The Fix?... I got some silicone spray and sprayed the vertical window channel guides that are on each side of the door. I let this settle for 10 seconds or so and then raised the window and sprayed again, and again. I had removed the door trim because I wanted to inspect the motor and regulator. This allowed me to spray the parts of the channel I could not see when the trim was on. I don’t think I would have needed to remove the parts for the door to get all the channel lubed because with spraying from the top of the door, it would work it’s way down anyway, especially with the window going up and down. I cycled the window up and down about 10 times before I reassembled the door. 


I had not seen any answers to this problem, maybe because other people just knew to use silicone lubricant (SL). I did see a couple of you tube videos posted about using SL, but they only said it in reference to maintaining the window, and never said anything about the problem I was having. SO I figured it was best posting the answer here

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