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2006 2.4L I-VTEC error code P2646 issues

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Hello and help,

I have a 2006 Honda CR-V with about 105,000 miles.  It has the standard 2.4 I-VTEC and is an automatic transmission.   I had recently purchased the vehicle and put in some new Mobile 1 synthetic detergent oil.  (Later was told that was not a very wise thing to do since older engine may get too much dirt scrubbed off and overly contaminate the oil and oil filter.  About 500 miles later the check engine light came on and the vehicle over heated.  I took the CR-V to a trusted mechanic who said the vehicle had an error code of P2646 - Rocker Arm Actuator Switch.  The mechanic changed the switch.  About 500 miles later the check engine light came on again.  I purchased an inexpensive code scanner and was told it was the same code P2646.  I changed the oil and filter and reset the code.  It seems the check engine light comes on every 1,000 miles or so with the same code.  Recently i have just been resetting the code and driving it with no issues.  

Is is possible the PCV or associated hose or other problems I should be concerned with.  The same code P2646 comes up but the vehicle does not over heat.  Maybe its the sending unit is shot now?

Thanks for any help.



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