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2007 Honda Civic Throttle Cleaning


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Hey all,

I just cleaned my throttle body yesterday and it went fine, I replaced the gasket and made the inside shiny again. After I reinstalled everything I ran the throttle position reset test that your supposed to do where you turn everything off let the car warm up and fans kick on then idle for 5-10 minutes w/ no load on engine. This all seemed to go fine.


This morning I started my car and there was a bit of an aggressive metallic noise coming from the throttle engine only when I started, unfortunately I didn't have time to do any inspection and it seemed to be fine, but driving it once it got warmed up everytime I step on the gas at all I get a small metal ding or two, nothing loud. Driving back from work it was the same case turning the car on then the dinging after warming up. I got home and tore it all down and inspected everything and retightened everything to spec and ran the reset twice just to be sure. Same problem seems to be continuing.. anyone have any idea what this could be? It's a 2007 Honda Civic LX (1.8). Please help.

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