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Honda Accord Side View Mirror exploded

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I’m posting this on here because maybe someone knows what else I can do/ I want to let as many people possible know what a horrible company Honda is. I was driving down the street with no other cars, nothing that I could hit, no mail boxes, no trees, at like 20 mph and my sideview mirror exploded. It was a huge bang, I saw red, I saw it fly into the window and the ricochet into the street. The body of my sideview mirror was completely in tact. In perfect condition. My car, other than the window where the mirror crashed into, is in perfect condition. So I took it to the nearby Honda dealer, the service manager before even looking at my car was like you crashed into something. I ask her can you please look at the car I didn’t crash into anything. They did and they kept insisting that I hit something I felt like I was being gaslighted. I asked them if something hit it where is the damage? There were like well something must of hit it something must of hit and we don’t cover external damage. I called corporate and they are siding with the dealer they said the dealer sent pictures of my crashed car (mind you I sent them, corporate, pictures of my car in perfect condition the DAY maybe, 10 minutes max after showing it to the service manager). They told me to take it to another dealer for another opinion. So I did, spent half a day waiting and the 2nd dealer took pictures and agreed with me that my car was fine that nothing hit it and sent it to corporate for approval. Corporate again says yeah, but that first dealer sent us pictures that show that you hit the car (which is like what the heck why did you make me waste a day if you’re just going ignore what the 2nd dealer says, and where the hell did these picture even come from) . So I ask them please send me these pictures because that cannot be my car, I have never hit my car. They refuse to forward the email with the alleged pictures. They tell me you want to see the picture? call the dealer you went to first. So I did and they were like we deleted them so there’s nothing we can do about it. My car is brand new and fixing the side view mirror and the window it messed up when it exploded costs upward of 1k. It ridiculous.

I am honestly shocked that a company like honda would treat a costumer like this. I have always bought and leased from them because I thought they were a respectable company. 

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