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Accord V6 Cylinder Failure @ 80,000 mi!!

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So if you are an accord V6 owner of the late 2000s then you probably know about their infamous cylinder failure due to their engineering error.  I have a 2009 accord I bought with 1,900 miles, now has 95,000.  Thrilled at getting the "best car ever made".  I also bought a Honda Care exgtended warranty that lasted up until 75,000 miles.  In 2018 with 70,000 miles I had an error code, brought it in and they changed spark plugs; it went away.  Later that year with about 80,000 miles same code came on and car was in limp mode.  I brought it in and they said I needed all cylinder rings replaced.  I researched the code problem and found it to be the notorious Honda engineering failure where their cylinder deactiviation/ECO mode caused unburnt fule to foul up rings.  I discussed at length to the dealership and some Honda rep that why should I now pay for this repair when Honda did not fix it correctly when I brought it in earlier with the same EXACT error code.  TIming is everything, my extended warratny had just run out for this latest issue and the class action lawsuit Honda lost for this same problem ran out in 2016.  Honda refused to take care of it but offered to pay a portion of it.  I was stuck and needed a car so ponied up to cover what they would ,under protest. 

I filed compliant with Honda.  They contacted me right away and said "Honda's policy was to change park plugs and reprogram the ECO mode when it first had error code and we realized this would only work on some of the cars.  If it occurred again we would then replace rings."  I said so Honda admits that changing spark plugs was just a delay tactic so cars would run out of warranty or the class action lawsuit would expire to save money?!?! And Honda obviously does not stand by their product or conduct themselves ethically.  Argued for over an hour with them and Honda never gave a reasonable answer, just kept saying we did what we were supposed to do (which was delay correct repairs to customers so warranties/class action would run out.)  SO much for the best car ever made.  This is my first and last Honda.  I have had GM and Fords with 150,000+ miles and yes I had to put some repairs to keep them going but never ever any major engine repairs like this 80,000 miles Accord!   So disappointed in Honda!


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