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Low idle when turning wheel


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Hey guys, I’m in an irritated state right now. My car runs and drives like a champ, it’s a 1997 Honda del sol. It idled at a decent 600-700 rpms and on a hot day when driving it often it would drop down to 550 but raise back to 600. I decided to clean the iacv valve to see if I could raise the idle back to 750 and after cleaning with carb cleaner and putting the iacv back on (I did not disconnect it from the hoses) and the first thing it did was continuously raise rpm and then after (I’m assuming) all the carb cleaner dried up it sat at a nice 900 and then down to 750. But now when I turn the wheel the idle drops too almost below 500. I’d really like to know if this is a power steering problem like the sensor didn’t adjust to the change in air flow to my engine or if it’s just a simple fix like maybe resetting the idle speed? Tightening or loosening the screw? Not sure but this is my daily with almost 200000 miles on it and this is its first sign of anything rough under the hood. 

Help will be so appreciated!! 

Thank you guys! 

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