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new here and need some advice


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I've got a 2000 Honda CRV, I'm new to Honda, I already have very limited mechanics knowledge and pretty much know nothing about hondas. I've had this crv for right at a year now, when I first bought it the rig was mechanically sound. After about maybe a month or so of owning it I started noticing that it was running funny, the heat stopped getting hot and it started idling rough. Couldnt find anything wrong with it though,  then it switches to idling rough but it would correct itself, while idling it would idle down almost dying and then it would rev itself up to about 2-2500 rpms then it would straighten out and idle norm until I put it in gear, once I put it in gear it automatically dies. The only way to keep it from dying was to quickly give it gas once in gear and it would stay running. My husband was thinking it was the idle screw but never could find it to adjust it. He did find that there was a ton of air in the coolant system so he drained that out and it seemed to fix the issue, the heat got hot again and the car ran strong for about a week then it went right back to the same stuff but got worse. Now it tries to die anytime I'm off the gas and it is losing power. The rig dont run strong anymore and takes everything it's got to get it up to 75 on the freeway. Also noticed it's not getting good gas mileage anymore, I'm lucky to get 19 highway. Any advice on this is appreciated, I dont know what the issue is, I've thought fuel pump but I'm not sure.

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