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Just bought me a Del Sol...


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Completely new to the whole Del Sol scene. Needed another project car to play with. Have been rebuilding a Supra for the past 10 years and wanted to get ahold of something a little easier on gas. Was reading through the common issues and a few of them I have, door locks, torn seat, leaking rear window. Haven't seen any rust yet but then again I haven't pulled back carpets yet. Mine is a 94, manual with a d16 SOHC VTec. 174k and still has factory radio that works. That part was a shocker to me when I seen the factory radio. Going to fix some of the small issues first and do some minor repairs. It definitely needs rotors and brakes all around. I am thinking I may need a clutch as well, has a slight vibe when down shifting and letting up on the clutch. Definitely got to upgrade the headlights on this thing. But that's about it right now. Will definitely be back in picking the brains of the gurus.



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