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Weird engine noise - Honda Accord Coupe 1999 F20B5


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  Im posting about weird engine noise, in case someone has heard something similar before. Doesnt occur when the engine is completely warmed up, only between 1000-1250 rpm and almost nothing when the engine is started dead cold, as soon it starts warming up, the noise is there. The noise is almost like grinding or something, at a certain interval, hope you can hear it.

The noise started when I first changed the waterpump, then it was extreme, the same noise as on the video but real loud and was always there no matter the rpm. It was a GMB waterpump, then replaced with AISIN and it went away, but after half a year or so the sound started yet again. Then replaced it with HEPU (which they admitted was sourced from GMB)and the same identical noise was back as with the AISIN waterpump.

Who knows all of the pumps might have been rebranded GMB, I have no idea if anyone else than GMB even produces this (19200-P0A-003) waterpump. 

Im out of my mind, so much money has been wasted. Could there be any other explainations, except the pumps are utter shit? I mean Ive installed 3 waterpumps and all of them were faulty, especially the first one.

I also got the sound on tape for you guys:


I reside in Europe, Estonia. Just so you know.


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