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HRV Sport infotainment crash

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Hi! This is going to be long, but I figure I'm more likely to get help if I provide all the details.

So, I bought a 2019 HRV Sport about 3 weeks ago. At first, I plugged in the 5th gen iPod that I'd been using without a problem through an add-on aux jack in my 2008 Fit for about 10 years. After about a week, the iPod froze, which they do every now and again, but it seemed weirdly timed. I restarted it, and it seemed to work fine again.

Then, I found out I could plug a USB stick into the stereo and listen to music through that. I figured it would work better, since it's newer technology. It took longer to start playing than the iPod, but it was fine for a while. Then, I turned on my car one day and, next I looked at the screen, it was black, then the H came up, then I got a GPS warning and it went back to the lowest FM station when it started up again. I called the dealership and they said they could do a hard reset of the system for me and they'd need my car for at least 2 hours, or I could do it by holding in the power button for 30 seconds. I did the hard reset myself.

The next day, I started up the car and the nag screen came on, but it didn't have the OK button. I gave it an extra 30 seconds or so, but it just hung there. So I did another hard reset and then took it to the dealership. I told them I'd already done a hard reset, but that's pretty much all they did. They had my car for 24 hours and claimed to have done a bunch of diagnostics and checked the wires and done the hard reset, and everything was working fine. They also said that they "tried to reproduce the issue." I really don't want to think about what they did to my brand new car while they were doing that.

I decided that maybe the problem was that I was shifting into gear too fast after starting the car and I would just start the car and wait for the nag screen to make sure everything got a chance to load.

It worked fine for about a week, then I started the car, the nag screen came up, then the screen went black and it rebooted itself. I called the dealership and they told me the problem was that I have too many songs on my USB stick (over 3000) and it has to load all of them as soon as the car starts up. That's a pretty stupid way of doing things, but whatever.

I decided to start streaming music from my phone, which I didn't really want to do, cause my phone sucks (moto g6/ android 8.0). The next time I turned the car on, the system crashed again. So I called up the dealership and yelled for a while and they want me to bring it in, which I already did and it didn't fix the problem.

Notice that, until now, all the crashes have been right as I turned the car on. Well, today, I was driving along, towards the end of a ~15 minute  trip, and it crashed in the middle of playing a song. And this is only 2 days after the last crash. Previously, it would crash 2 days in a row, then give me a week's break, so that's really fast.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone seen this before?

PS - One more thing - I've tried a couple of times to plug my iPod in again, and I get a charging error that only clears when I restart the car.


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