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What is the difference between Honda Civic EX and LX?


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Well this answer is late, but I just bought a 2017 Honda Civic EX Sedan last week so I have some updated perspective, if I may.

I was in the market car and the cost difference between the two trims was about $2000, and another $1000 or so between the EX and EX-T (turbocharged). Climbing the trimsfrom bottom to the top after EX, features were marginally better, mainly new luxury options. Leather seats, dual zone climate control, fancier steering wheels, a couple nice bells and whistles for sure. All really didn't effect the performance of the vehicle or longevity of it much.

As I was on a budget, I originally wanted an LX. But when I saw the difference between the EX and LX, I couldn't justify NOT spending the extra $2000. The EX has LED lights, a touch screen system with Apple Car Play, extra speakers, a better internal layout of the dashboard, blind spot sensing, and a few other little perks. The LX doesn't. Although I didn't need any of these features, for such a big purchase, I wanted to love what I bought and enjoy my time spent in the vehicle as I drive a lot. The $2000 extra for the EX was worth it and if you ask me, is the best bang for your buck on all the trims.

I am very satisfied with my new Civic, it drives nicely and is very comfortable and performs as I need it to. Hopefully this helps someone with their decisions!
and  The main differences between the LX and EX models in a 2014 or 2015 (same both years) Civic are: the EX is upgraded with extra features such as delay wipers with variable speed, auto on-off headlights (the LX has auto off you can program in the menu), alloy 16"wheels  صندلی فلزی  میز فلزی  , push button start with a more enabled theft system, 7" touch screen with more options, rear disc brakes (LX has rear drums even on the sportier SE, and until the 2016s rear discs were only on the EX and EX-L as well as hybrid and Si models).  Inclusion of an HDMI 720 dpi connect on EX and EX-L, additional USB (plays only mp3 files) connect below the a/c, auto a/c control on EX and EX-L and split rear fold-down seat.  Also, a flip-down rear seat cup holder and armrest and small tweeters on the windshield pillars, giving the 160w system 6 speakers (LX has 4). 

I own a 2012 HF (which outside of the fuel aerodynamics and alloy wheels is an LX in trim) and a 2014 EX.  I parked my white EX next to a 2015 white EX when mine was at the dealership, and could not see any difference between the two… outside of pricing!

The 2016 models, especially the EX, are great values, and while pricing increased, the Honda Sensing Suite, which adds about $1000 to any trim, is a really wonderful option!  It comes only on the new Touring Civic,  but has 6 features that could actually save your life!  These will become standard in the next few years no doubt, as  cars are becoming automated.  While the human factor will always prevail, such software and mechanically-driven safety items like lane change and adaptive cruise control will and likely already have saved many lives. 

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