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2008 Honda Accord turns over but won't start

Adrian Mann

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have a 2008 Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel which turns over but won't start. This issue first occurred about 9 weeks ago. I got in my car to go to work and it kept turning over but would not start. There is not a problem with the battery.

A mechanic came to tow my car away, and dismiss any small problems, and he sprayed some starting fluid near the engine while I tried to start it. The car would start but would not stay running and would then cut out.

The mechanic took the car away and fixed it by doing something to fix an issue with the car taking in air somewhere. I am unsure exactly what this fix was because in my eagerness to get home I did not clarify exactly what the problem was and what was fixed.

My car broke down six weeks from the initial fix again in a completely different location, with the exact same problem, which necessitated a fix by a completely different mechanic. I contacted the first mechanic to see if they could remember exactly what they addressed the first time but they could not recall the exact problem and therefore I could not pass this information onto the next mechanic.

The second mechanic fixed the car again but this fix only lasted two days this time as opposed to six weeks. The fix that this mechanic made was related to fuel injectors (I believe but I could be wrong, I really don't know anything about cars). The car is back with the same mechanic again as he is a competent mechanic but for my own peace of mind I am putting this question up and seeing if anyone can pinpoint the problem.

The mechanic has put in a new diesel pump, one new injector and a new pressure switch. The problem is still occurring and I have returned the car to him.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I have asked this question here before I have not gotten an answer: https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/60749/2008-honda-accord-turns-over-but-wont-start


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