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Need help deciding from multiple people please chime in


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Hello ? everyone and good day or night I’m here to get some opinions because I’ve did some pros and cons on paper but still not a 100% decided on what to do Soo any info is greatly appreciated soo here’s my dilemma.... 


i have a 1997 two door rs Integra black shell complete minus engine and transmission came factory as a 5 speed with just the b18b1 I’ve gutted the interior from the ugly tan no offense just can’t stand tan interior all that’s left in interior is complete tan dash but there’s a second part to this 


I have a 1998 4 door factory db8 gsr white in color complete black leather interior runs great 5 speed but needs rear disc brake setup and shocks put back on and 2 front door handles and that’s pretty much it 


which one do I decide on I can take either parts from either one to complete one car and I have black door panels for the 2 door and all the plastics seats ect just would need the dash and motor/trans and full wiring harness to finish the 2 door versus taking the suspension off the 2 door to finish the 4 door and I want my car white which the 4 door is but my dad has been running a bodyshop for 30 years and a color change on the 2 door wouldn’t be a issue 


now that I’ve laid everything I can thing of out on the table someone ( please no bashing ) sell me on the db7 vs a db8 for daily driving I’m a newcomer to the forum but been Honda/acura since 15 years old I’m 28 now but any chime ins on db8 owners and db7 owners welcome plus all the work will be done by me right the first time and I have no emissions in my county and both have a salve title from slight bump up I’m torn between my love of the 2 door vs the rarity of the 4 door real db8’s none around here at all plus planning to have a kid in the near future car seats can be a bitch with 2 doors and that’s all I can think of thanks for the support 

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