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No fix for voice command issues on 2018 accord


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I have not been more disappointed.   My purchase  decision was between a Camry and the Accord and apparently Honda was not the way to go.   Choosing the Accord because I felt it had more tech features so you can imagine my frustration, disappointment, etc, when the car is in for a rear camera recall, I asked them to check why NONE of the voice commands are working.   After two days at the dealership, I was informed "it's a software problem and there is no fix."  So I asked, so nothing is going to work on a brand new car and I got the same response plus "nothing can be done until a software fix is done and the more people that have these issues, it will make them start looking into it."  Is anyone else having these issues?   It's not the phone as I have tried different phones and still nothing.    

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