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Hayden Joshua Keeley

Audio Cable

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Hi Guys,

I have tried to search the internet as much as possible to track down a cable that I can use to connect to my Stereo. Car is a Honda Inspire 2004. Has the Premium Audio unit. Very similar to a Honda Accord hence posting here.

The car has hands free and would very much like to use it as it is integrated into the steering wheel.

1st Pic is the Stereo unit

2nd Pic  is where the cable connects (One came with the car but no idea what uses that cable)

3rd Pic is the connector end for the cable that came with the car (Maybe a phone connects to this?)

4th Pic is the Square connector end that plugs into the port found in my Seat Console

Any ideas / Alternative ideas to using the cable that doesn't seem to exist on the internet1565298717_2ndPic.thumb.PNG.f8a836af139a25ee8f266435e14482eb.PNG? 1691071828_1stPic.PNG.d911c2d3fc606fa85f801a746a584dcf.PNG1766478328_3rdPic.PNG.088e9d37e71f69970415fc0b71e69c96.PNG938962091_4thPic.PNG.52b53c24558e535ca0597a28334a61a8.PNG

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