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How to bring car back to life after its been reset with red key?


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To make a long story short. Some asshole stole my bag on a camping in which I had my car key to my Honda Civic 1.4 is. I had the red spare key with which I could get into my car, but it wasn't possible to start the car with the red key. And apparantly using the red key in the ignition is something you should absolutely not do since it will reset the engine computer or something like that. I ordered a new car key and a mechanic tried to program this key with help of the red key, but with no luck. The mechanic now tells me that in order to be able to start and use the car again I have to replace the immobilizer and the ignition lock. Then not only do I need the key to ignition lock, but also the original red spare key.


I´ve been looking on ebay and I found that there are some people selling the kit that comes with the immobilizer, ignition lock and the key to the ignition lock. But none of the ads I´ve found include the red key.


Has anyone else here replaced the immobilizer and the ignition lock on a Honda Civic? Is it true that I need both the key to the ignition lock and the red key to get the car up and running again?


Thanks for advice!

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