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Help! How to remove unusual broken tuner lug...


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First off, I know this isn't a Honda specific question, I hope someone has ran into this problem and can share a solution. I just bought this 2002 civic. It has aftermarket wheels on it and of course tuner lugs. Upon removing one of the wheels, I found they had ran these lugs on with an impact, (from all the marring on the rim/stud, and from the insane torque they were held on with) Fast forward : upon removing the lugs, one is broken into the stud in a fashion I have never seen before. It's loose, is rattle around and your can spin it, it has axial play, but you can't unthread it or pull it off. Any suggestions on how to remove this trick lug? I'm opposed to breaking the lug. I need to replace a few anyway. There's not much clearance from the lug to the rim, so I would like to remove it without causing further damage. Thank you in advance.

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