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Just got a D16y7 and NEED HELP

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So as tittle says I just bought a honda civic off of a cousin of mine he did all the work over the last 5 years to it rebuild has less then 10000 on it just installed a new clutch anyway I have more then one issue can not read codes from ecu or the other jumping the 2 wires on the green plug light comes on just NO blinking scanner i have reads error , vtec on the Y8 head is not plugged in plugs are diffrent, car has all this work still no tune, what I would like to know is the basic things to go over this car and check to make sure things are done right? How to hook up vtec? Is there a way I can get a half ass tune at home until I get the bugs out and get it tuned? Also there is a ecu on pass anger floor looks to be hooked up was told the ecu is chipped but is not a v tech ecu do I need vtec ecu? If so what type do yous recommend? Since it has so many mods would like to get this thing going good? Would REALLY appreciate ANY AND ALL HELP INFO AND KNOWLEDGE sorry if i went about this wrong! I am new to the while forum thing I am very mechanically inclined BUT NEW TO HONDA AND TURBOS always worked on chevy ford and what not have worked on audi and am not afraid to get the hands grease and busted up lol anyway thanks and sorry if I went about this wrong!O YEAH CAR RUNS GOOD SEEEMS SOLID car is clean rust free ONE OTHER ISSUE SPEEDO NOT WORKING AND WILL ON GO UP TO 4000 RPM acts as if it's hitting Rev limiter

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