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New Member; Advice Buy 2017?

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Hello, from Florida's Space Coast! (My APOLOGIES for such a lengthy FIRST post!)

--I'm looking for ANY ADVCE to help decide WHICH NEW CIVIC LX TO BUY; my 2002 Civic (250K miles) needs trans rebuild & head gasket repair (approx. $2K), so I'm going NEW! --My PRIORITIES: (1) Reliability; (2) Good fuel economy [most driving per day: 30 to 40 miles around town, average speed 40 mph, with about 15-20 times stop-&-go for lights, etc.; once-a-week do about 100 miles on highway]; (3) A "bit" of responsiveness (more "fun" than my 2002 Civic);

& (4) As close to $20K "out the door." --Planning on Civic sedan LX (CVT, 2.0L) or Civic 4-door LX Hatchback (CVT, 1.5L turbo). --At dealership--due to "promotions" & military discount--PRICE is virtually the same for new 2016 or 2017 Civic sedan LX, & Civic 4-door LX Hatchback!! --My 2002 was routinely averaging 28+ mpg, even now. --I've researched Consumer Reports, KBB, Car&Driver, & various Honda owners' testimonials, but does ANYONE have experience &/or ADVICE about these QUESTIONS: (1) Would I get "pretty close" mpg for Civic sedan LX (CVT, 2.0L) & Civic 4-door LX Hatchback (CVT, 1.5L turbo)? [Would the turbo use more fuel?] (2) Which car would give a decent "kick" if I "punched" the gas pedal? [i know EITHER would be better than my 2002 1.7L 115hp!!] (3) Would I be "foolish" to get the turbo with CVT, & NOT the 6-speed manual? [both sedan & hatchback offer manual, but both have lower mpg than CVT.] (4) Gas prices aren't going to stay this low "forever"; I AM "glancing" at the Prius. Thoughts on Prius versus the two Civics?

--Any answers, advice, or even other cars (Corolla, Mazda3, etc.) to consider would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!:unsure:




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