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Car Accident. need help finding parts


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Hi all, my cousin told me to use Honda4um. . . Basically my parents purchased my 2004 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L 4 cylinder brand new in 11/2003 for my older sister as a HS grad present. well not even a month later she was in an accident and basically took "care" of the accident herself. Car fixed is now considered salvaged title and 2 years later I was given the car. Now I got in my first EVER accident and the car did not have Collision =/, so everything is out of pocket. damages done you ask,

Driver fender, Hood, bumper and grille runined. though I have pictures that show t isn't as bad as the body shop stated. no damage done to the battery, engine, tranny, anything under my hood. Please please some one, anyone help!! I work for Penske Truck Leasing and tried a Penske Honda in Ontario, CA... all those parts with my discount is 956 out the door. primed not painted. my cousin will put the pieces on for me. I need parts though!!! its my car for work and to drive until I finish my bachelors degree. =/

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Cheapest option will be to get used from a local junk yard. Search your zip code for the closest pick and pull.


Also look at Rock Auto, my friend just got a hood, fender, and headlight for a couple hundred.

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