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1990 Acura Integra GS 1.8 Won't start Head Gasket issue


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I have a 1990 Acura Integra GS 1.8 and I know I have a Bad Head Gasket. White smoke bad out of tailpipe, antifreeze/milky colored oil, constantly loosing water out of radiator, runs terrible and wants to die. So I know the coolant is being pushed up into the cylinder head. But here is an update I just did in the past day. I knew that my #2 Cylinder was bad as I could see water in the cylinder. Here is what I did as my next procedure but I am still stumped.

I added a Head Gasket Sealer and I have an update. I removed the thermostat to add the sealer correctly so it went thru the entire cooling system. I then ran the Acura with the sealer and the #2 plug removed, as I knew that was where my compression leak was located. It ran for close to 20 minutes and blew out the white smoke out of the tail pipe at this time. It didn't blow any of the Head Gasket Sealer out of the #2 cylinder head while running for the 20 minutes. I let it dry for almost 20 hours before the next day. So the next day I tried to start it with the 4 plugs installed. It keep cranking and cranking but would not start up. NO LUCK. Then as follows:

I then started the car and it will run on 3 cylinders (no plug in cylinder #2) which I had to remove but it will start up. It will run now and not blow white smoke so the Head Gasket Sealer must have worked. Here is the problem now. When I install the plug and plug wire back in cylinder #2 I can not get it to start up. It just turns over and over but will not start up and run.

Before I did have water in the #2 cylinder and now it is gone since the sealer has been added. When I run it on 3 cylinders (without a plug in cylinder #2) it does not spew out water just air and the white smoke I had before out of the tailpipe is now gone. So I am so confused when it won't start up when I install the remaining spark plug in cylinder #2 and the plug wire? I do have a spark coming out of the #2 plug wire as I ran a Ignition Spark Test. I know that my firing order is correct also at 1-3-4-2. Even without a spark on cylinder #2 I would think it would start, as it did with just 3 cylinders.

Please some EXPERTS here HELP WITH your insight and knowledge. I would so much appreciate it. Thank You.

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