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91 honda accord sliver shift button fell out


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I know this sounds kinda silly but i had to remove bottom part of my dash under radio. I was having some trouble getting it off so i figured i could take the automatic boot off to slide it over the top to remove it. After i removed the 2 screws on the top cover, slightly slide up and the sliver button fell out, and im having trouble getting it back on, defintialty looks as if it is connecting to the spring itselft to release changing of gears, any help with this would be absolutely great its been a huge headace trying to get it back on. On a side note im working on by passing the heater core to keep coolent from leaking any tipes with this would be great, "reason for taking dash off". Day one got dark still slightly having trouble with the dash removel. Since its a bypass would taking the stearing collom off even be nessascry considering im not replacing the heater core itslef?

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