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hard start issue..!!!


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hey guys/girls i have a white honda 02 civic ex with 94,833 miles currently. Ive changed the spark plugs with the stock plugs with call for the ngk platinum ones that are in the owners manual. Soon after i did that I have been having hard starts. Everything was fine until doing that. So i changed them to the ngk iridium ones. The same problem exist. So for the final and last time i changed them to the denso ones from the dealership. Still the same damn problem exist. I checked the gap on the ngk iridium ones and it was at .40. That's what it called for in the owner manual. But people online said to try a gap size of .44-.45 so i did that with the ngk iridums and the ngk platinum ones and its still doing the hard starting. The ones i currently have in there are the denso ones from the dealership. It also does something weird with the idle when i start it it goes from the normal idle 800-900 up to 1500rpm and then back down to the normal idle. That only happens when its first started and doesn't do it after that through out the time im driving it. The starter was replaced, the throttle body cleaned, coolant replaced, fuel pump relay, efi main relay, atf fluid replaced, oil replaced. If anyone has and idea on what could be the issue which seem to pop up right after i changed the old plugs out. thanks for all the help thus far guys/girls

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