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The B engines and AWD

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From what I gather all B honda engines are interchangeable? Would this http://www.ebay.com/itm/CIVIC-CRX-INTEGRA-B16-B18-B-SERIES-ENGINE-DOHC-T3T4-BOLT-ON-TURBO-CHARGER-KIT-/111001104639?fits=Year%3A2000%7CMake%3AAcura%7CModel%3AIntegra&hash=item19d82e70ff&vxp=mtrfit into a a AWD CRV? Or do the AWD transmissions not bolt to the engine, from that site it says it is not compatible with a crv. Thank you for any help. Maybe not that engine, but I want to change the Crv to a 18c, but keep AWD. 2000CRV

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