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Couple Mechanical questions. 2000 Accord

Levi Peterson

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-When I look at my front suspension, I see that my upper control arm seems to poke out pretty far.. If I lower my car at all from stock height will that control arm stop me from lowering it? Like will any rub happen?



-ABS light is on, the sensors are fine. We are checking the wheel bearings tomorrow, any other things we could check while we are out there?


-Best way to color match the paint on my car? I'm repairing a little rusty fender and I would like to know if anyone has tips or anything useful. Location: New York.


-Steering wheel is leaning and seems to pull to the right on the road. I looked at the passenger control arm/balljoint and when I pulled on that bar that connects there(Cant remember the name so Im gonna say bar) It can slightly move around.. Could that be a cause?


-Any tips for wheel size and stretch tire look sizes would be great! Let me know what is on your car. I want either 17-18in rims.



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Control arm shouldn't hit anything. Sounds like with your steering problem you need to look over all of your sus arms and replace any bad bushings.


Did you check the fuse for your ABS? Can you activate ABS while driving?


After you check all your bushings and replace any bad ones make sure you get an alignment.

If you're going to lower the car at all, make sure to get the car aligned after you do that.


As far as paint goes, depends what your budget is. If you're looking for a cheap solution, duplicolor should have a color to match.

Most auto parts stores will carry it, or you can look online.


I hate stretched tires so I can't help you with that one.


Check out this website for some information on wheel/tire sizes and offsets.


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