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1998 Accord EXV6 RIP


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I have my 1998 Accord EXV6 since new now 17 years old and a tad over 160k Miles.

Original transmission went at 75K and again at 150K (no lie)


Has been my sons car for the last 6 years. Today went to put into Drive and the car made the sound of what my 24 year old son calls "a dying goat" It barely moved and my younger son found several large ball bearings (about 2cm diamter) and a gob of black grease on the ground.


I started the car this afternoon and enging runs fine but as soon as I put it into gear it made the most horrifying sound I have ever heard eminate from a vehicle. After I put it back into park, it sounded like a flywheel hitting a gear that was not there.


The car is not worth fixing with this type of issue so I am more curious for myslef as to what this may have been.

This is quite the catastrophic end to a great car.

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