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CRx questions about engines etc.

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Alright, so for awhile now I've had a 89 crx, I was wondering what the fastest Honda make that is affordable (I'm beyond poor) just wondering what I could get in it for a cheap amount and get it on the track with a few of my buddies.

They all have porches and lambos...etc. I don't have that type of money and I'm a Honda guy anyways. Does anyone know about how much it would cost to cut, weld, and get a 2jz into a CRX? How do I go about all of that? I work with my family on Hondas and know a great deal about them but I'm about as bright as a brown crayon when it comes to other makes or conversions. I have a sitting around but I don't have the money to cut the mount and weld the new one on, damn sure don't have the money for the ecu. Could someone just give their input on what would be easiest. I'm open to all v8 motors as long as I'm getting more power for my weight. Should I just find a b series and put it in or what? Thanks.

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