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d15b2/7 difficult start, run, stall(with video)


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I have a 1989 DX hatch with a frankenstein engine. b2 block, intake, trans with a b7 head as far as I've been able to assess myself. might be a b7 trans, not really sure. I was driving home one day and suddenly my car simply stopped running just cruising down the road at 55. after 30 minutes of poking, prodding, and starter fluid I got the car "running" and drove it home with a locked ecu(engine refused to exceed 3k rpm or 60mph). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtweDsfX8wg this video is what my car is currently doing. I've replaced the entire intake(vacuum issue causing my brakes to not function correctly), checked the fuel system(pump, lines, filter. I'm getting fuel to the carb), before the engine died I had been working on the sensors and had it running smooth(eacv, o2, coolant temp), replaced the thermostat, checked that I was getting spark(spark from dizzy to wires and brand new plugs/wires), piston compression(looks good), changed water pump, checked timing(3 times), new ecu(previous one was for automatic, replaced with manual for my engine), checked fuses and wiring harness in general, no oil leaks, no coolant leaks, no fuel leaks. I'm running out of idea and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm going back to work on it this weekend, if not sooner, and over the past couple days the only leads I've been able to find is a faulty ground, something's wrong with my ignition, or my timing's off(somehow).

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