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Replaced motor, now I have 2 map sensors.


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I recently replaced the engine in my 93' civic. I got another D series sent to me with pretty much everything; harness, intake, plugs. The engines are almost exact except the new one has cruse control, and was automatic. I've gotten the flywheel and cluch all transferred over. Actually got the engine in and it runs okay. It starts idling weird after about twenty seconds or so. And check engine comes on.


Basically the intake is slightly different. The new one has its map sensor on top of the intake. And my car still has one mounted to the fire wall, with a small hose that has no home now. The wireing is a little different too. Old map wiring goes to a spot near the firewall and new one is included with the main part of the intake.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have all the old parts. If I've got a chance of using old wiring or intake.

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